The Dolls

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Part of Your World

"Ruthie," Addy said as she walked into my room in her softball uniform. She was just about to leave for her big game against the Sanddollars, and she was completely decked out in striped baseball pants, a jersey with a big, yellow 9 on the back, and kleats that were sharp enough to cause some serious damage if Addy felt the need to kick me. "You seriously need to get up. It's almost twelve o'clock, and you're still in your pajamas. Go outside, watch a movie- do something, please."
I grabbed my favorite hot pink pillow and held it over my head to block out Addy's voice. "No," I said, my voice slightly muffled. "I have no friends. I have no life."
Addy rolled her eyes. "Come on, Ruthie. I don't know one princess who ever said that or gave up like you are doing right now."
I was quiet for a moment.
"When will my life begin?" I sang in a voice nearly identical to Mandy Moore's. Tangled was one of my newest Disney Princess addictions, and Rapunzel's songs couldn't describe my life any more precisely.
"Ruthie, get up NOW," Addy barked. "Or I'll have to get out the kleat."
I rolled over and sluggishly obeyed. I had little motivation, other than wanting to not get stabbed by Addy's pointy shoes. "Fine, I'll get up."
"Thank you," Addy sighed. "Get dressed and meet Cali downstairs- she wants to talk to you."
I nodded. "Alright, good luck at your game, Addy."
Addy smiled. "I find it odd that I'm motivating you for once. Usually it's the other way around."
She turned on her heels and left the room, shutting the door behind her. I got up, reluctantly, and changed into my new L'Atelier de Sitara outfit. The evergreen shirt with the lace and the olive-colored skirt were elegant but not over the top and reminded me of something a modern day princess might wear.
Once I was done getting dressed, I headed downstairs to meet up with Cali. I still didn't know if I liked this girl or if I despised her. She was too much like myself, and too much of a good thing isn't always the best. I decided to be polite nonetheless because that's how princesses act.
"Good morning, Cali," I said, grabbing a bagel from the fridge and smearing it with strawberry cream cheese.
"Morning!?" Cali laughed. "It's practically noon."
"Jet lag," I explained, even though Boston was in the same time zone as Tampa... But I doubted Cali would be smart enough to realize that. "I'm soooo not used to this time change."
"Ruthie...," Cali said, rolling her eyes. "I'm not stupid. Maine is in the same time zone as Florida."
"Oh...," I mused, not sure how to respond. "Well, I guess I'm just tired then."
Cali made a weird face. "Whatever."
"So what'd you want to talk to me about?" I asked through bites of my bagel and swigs of orange juice.
"Oh, nothing much," Cali replied, shrugging. "Just wanted to welcome you to FMSG and the world of blogging. You're a pretty good writer, you know. And FYI- never hack into my Blogger account and post to my blog again."
My eyes twinkled. "A good writer? You really think so?"
Cali nodded. "Yup, you're not bad at all."
"Thanks," I said, smiling. "That means a lot, Cali, and I won't post on your blog again; I promise."
"Ok," Cali said. "No problem. But you still have a long way until your blog is as good as mine."
She turned around, winked, and left the room. So much for a friendly moment! I really don't know where Cali and I stand right now...

With much love,
Princess Ruthie