The Dolls

The Dolls

Princess Ruthie and Friends

Princess Ruthie:
Fun, frivolous, and fantastical are a few words to describe Ruthie Aurora Smithens, the author of this blog. An obsession with fairytales and princesses makes Ruthie a dreamer who's not all that interested in finding her Prince Charming just yet. But when the time comes, Ruthie is determined to have her very own happy-ending.

Addison Walker: Addy is Ruthie's best friend since preschool, and the two girls have been through so much together. Addy is the exact opposite of Ruthie- a tomboy with a somewhat practical and cynical outlook on life. Ruthie and Addy's polar personalities keep one another balanced and down-to-Earth. Through thick and thin, these friends conquer the world side-by-side.

Rapunzel: Elizabeth Rowley is a girl with long, golden hair who lives in a tower, hates being called "Rapunzel", and isn't in the mood for a life of fairytales. Due to her princess namesake and strong convincing from Ruthie, Rapunzel wonders if being a princess is as bad as she thinks. Could being royalty be the only thing standing her out from the rest of the crowd?

Cali Hazelwood: Ruthie doesn't quite know where she stands with Cali, fellow blogger and arch rival. Cali's very simalar yet very different from Ruthie herself. Either the two are destined to be enemies or destined to be the best of friends.

Gwen Thompson: Gwen wants nothing more than to be best friends with Ruthie and be a princess like in her fairytale books. However, Ruthie doesn't see the shared interest as flattering- she just thinks of it as annoying and something a copycat might do. Although the two don't always get along, they have their ups-and-downs as friends and get each other out of spills.

Other Characters Mentioned

Chloe Hawthorne:  President of the Nature Club at FMSG and cheerleader co-captain with Piper.

Lanie Holland: Best friends with Chloe.

Piper Cassidy: Cheerleader co-captain with Chloe; best friend of Shannon and close friend of Cali. 

Shannon Silver: Best friends with Piper; AGMA Season Three semi-finalist and model. 

Mia St. Clair: Cali's cousin and student at FMSG.